Encouraging the Light within Chrysalis - Annual Giving Campaign

This holiday season, Chrysalis is asking families, alumni, staff, and supporters to donate to our amazing little school. So many things this past school year were only possible because of your generosity: scholarships for kids on camping trips and field study, the shade structure, our swing set, lunchtime Maker Space, the wall ball, little free libraries, and so much more. You may notice that Chrysalis does NOT send students home to sell candy, hawk raffle tickets, or seek jog-a-thon sponsorships. So please help us continue consolidating our fundraising. Every gift, from 5 cents to 5 grand, makes a huge difference. 

To start us off, every single teacher plus Dr. Irene has pledged something to our annual fund. Won't you join us? Unrestricted giving is a powerful way to show your love and support for Chrysalis. Our goal is $10,000 raised by New Years. Be sure to see if your company offers a company match for donations to double your giving power!

Here's some examples of what your donation could allow us to do:
  • $3 - Provide a scholarship for a child to attend a field trip — no child is ever denied the opportunity to attend a trip due to inability to pay (aka "Here's the money I would have spent on bake-sale cupcakes.")
  • $20 - Replace a worn out basketball (aka "Here's the money I would have spent on wrapping paper.")
  • $50 - Support a child to come camping with Chrysalis who otherwise couldn't afford to come (aka "Here's the money I would have spent on my child's 'free' t-shirt for the jog-a-thon we didn't have to do.")
  • $200 - Support hands-on science materials for an elementary classroom (aka "Here's $200 to exchange for 20 of our 40 community service hours.")
  • $500 - Buy enough bats, balls, and protective gear to start an after-school softball team (aka "Here's the money my date and I would have spent on tickets, fancy outfits, and auction items at a fundraising dinner we don't have to attend.")
  • $1,200 - Open the Maker Space at lunch 3 days a week for the school year. (aka "Here's the money to teach my kid to make a 3-D printed business card for me.")
  • $5,000 - Build an outdoor amphitheater and teaching space (aka "Thank you for not constantly asking for money throughout the school year.")
For current families, up to $200 per family (at an exchange rate of $10 per hour) can count towards your goal of 40 community service hours.