Student-led Fundraiser: Water Filters for Puerto Rico

One of the greatest things our family has loved about Ohana is its ability to teach our children about the importance of community. Over the course of our 6 years here, there have been many instances where our children have been able to recognize suffering and pain in other people and develop a heart-felt desire to contribute in some way of making things better. Many organizations are able to bring awareness to the attention of families, but Ohana does more than just that in that Ohana ignites a fire in our children in such a way that solution is something they go after with purpose and success by pulling from our community resources. That’s why when the suffering and hurt of Puerto Rico was brought to our attention, we were ready to act.

As many of you know, Puerto Rico suffered devastating losses during Hurricanes Irma and Maria just a few weeks ago. Many are without power and water even now. While we can’t even imagine life without these basic needs, we do have many connections in our little community that will enable us to help. The Chapel at the Beach, a local church that meets in the Rosemary Beach Town Hall partners with a mission group called Global Effects. Global Effects provides water filters to developing countries whose citizens do not have access to clean water. The filters contain the technology used in state of the art dialysis machines which allows a filtration of all toxins and particles from any water available. This means, by attaching a water filter to any water source (dirty water, water from a ditch, sewer water, rain water, bacteria - infested water, etc.) these filters will clean the water so that it becomes drinkable. The filters are attached to a bucket, pot, or anything else that might hold water, and the cleaning process takes only moments to happen. The filters are able to purify up to 150 gallons of water a day, 7 days a week, for up to 10 years. We are able to purchase these filters from Global Effects for $40 per filter.

Obviously, our goal is to purchase as many filters as possible. Once we purchase, a very generous Ohana family has offered to fly them from Ohana to Puerto Rico for distribution via a private plane that has access in and out of Puerto Rico. Ohana students are currently making a video describing the steps required to take in operating this very simple filter (in Spanish), and the filters will be met by a team of volunteers led by Mrs. Lettye’s uncle and cousin - both of whom have access to remote areas of the island where need is perhaps the greatest.

Obviously, this process will need to be as quick as possible so that we are able to help the people already suffering. Will you help? Will your family be willing to donate money for the purchase of a filtration system that will greatly impact the lives of so many people in need? Our goal is to raise money for 1000 filters before December 8th. What better way to celebrate all that we can be grateful for by helping in such a tremendous way? Who’s with us?

If you are willing to contribute by way of donation or you would like to know more information about this project, please donate here, contact Ohana Institute (850) 231-1140, or any member of the Harrison family. Mara (850) 819-0044, Reese (850) 832-3774, or Evelyn (850) 628-3455. Thank you so much. Please feel free to share this page with anyone you feel might be interested in helping. Let’s do this!

Mara Harrison