Sustainability Fund

We at Forest Freedom School are trying to create a carefree, liberating experience for our children, where Black kids can joyfully play and learn in the woods. Unfortunately, capitalism exists and threatens our ability to provide these experiences. Help us survive within capitalism as we raise freedom fighters who will someday tear down these oppressive systems! 

We stand with our Oakland teachers who were on strike this year. We would like to be able to provide at least the same compensation and benefits to our teachers at Forest Freedom School. 

Please share our fundraiser with your networks, and after that share it again! We as an Abundant Beginnings Collective are also seeking other funding sources to keep our program Black, POC, Queer and Sustainable. 

Abundant Beginnings is Fiscally Sponsored but if you would like to make a larger donation though a foundation or other entity please email  and let us know what you need to make it happen! 

In community, 
Forest Freedom School & The Abundant Beginnings Collective