Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving Campaign

It has been a transitional year for Seaside. We as a leadership team acknowledge and understand that it’s during these times, we have an opportunity for reflection and growth. Even though we recognize there is room for improvement, we are still proud of the exceptional educational achievements and dedicated faculty, parents and staff at Seaside that inspires our future. We ask that you consider supporting our important programs to advance Waldorf Public school education.

Seaside Charter School is privileged to serve our current generation with innovative educational programming and festivals that provide a sense of unity within our community. Seaside's Waldorf Programming is essential in maintaining Seaside as an innovative school. The unique opportunity to attend a Public Waldorf School is the reason that many of us chose to partner with Seaside for our children. As the first public Waldorf charter in the southeast, we have and continue paving the way for so many positive programs for children within the Jacksonville community and the Southeast United States.

At Seaside, our families have historically voted against traditional fundraisers like wrapping paper sales, plant/wreath sales, popcorn sales, candy bar sales, galas, auctions and similar events. Instead, our Seaside families, friends and community sponsors have elected to donate funds for the school to continue to offer our students a unique educational experience.

Your tax-deductible gift on or before December 13, 2019 is truly appreciated and will assist our school in its efforts to ensure a sustainable Waldorf program for the future. Visit to Donate!