OCP Feed the Birds

Hello fellow OCP families,

Fall is the time of year for one of OCP's two biggest fundraisers, the Feed the Birds Annual Fund.

Every year, we ask our current families and alumni to consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our school. Tuition only covers 85% of our expenses, so your donation supports the remaining operating costs that tuition does not cover. Since 2005, the generosity and cooperative spirit of our families has ensured that our parent-run school remains financially viable and able to cover rising costs in facilities, personnel, curriculum, and all of our other important expenses. We ask for your support to make sure OCP is around for many more years to come.

Would you please consider making a family gift equal to one month’s tuition? We understand that some families are able to give more, and some families less. An average of $200 a family (or less than $30 a month from November to May) would help us reach our goal, but any contribution is truly appreciated and will benefit the school.

To kick off the month long Annual Fund Drive this week, you can click the button on this fundraiser to enter your pledge amount. If you have already pledged on your orientation paperwork, no need to fill out the form again. Please note: this is just a pledge for a donation that is due October 31. You can choose a variety of options of how and when to make payments throughout the school year when you pledge.

To thank you for your contribution, all families who pledge at any level will receive an OCP car magnet. If you have any questions please ask your committee chair or any member of the Fundraising Committee. Thank you for your continued support of our school.