Unify All School-Home Communications

A single platform for everything from your district's mass notifications and mobile app to conference sign ups and permission slips

CODiE Finalist
T&L 2021 Awards of Excellence Back to School Award
CoDIE 2020 Winner Badge
Cool Tools Award

Unify All School-Home

A single platform for everything from your
district's mass notifications and mobile app
to conference sign ups and permission slips

CODiE Finalist
T&L 2021 Awards of Excellence Back to School Award
Cool Tools Award
CoDIE 2020 Winner Badge
Before ParentSquare​

Districts, schools and teachers use different tools, platforms and apps.
Parents/Guardians are confused and can’t keep up! Schools and districts don’t know what’s really working.
After ParentSquare

Schools and districts can see what's working and who they are not reaching.
Parents/Guardians know exactly where to go to find information and engage about their students!
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ParentSquare is made for family engagement
and communications equity

ParentSquare is the only fully unified product that engages every family with school communications and communications-based services—all the way from the district office to the classroom teacher, and all in one place. 




Mass Communications

Maximize engagement and ensure consistency with all the tools district leaders need.


Send important alerts with a few clicks from your desktop or phone. Delivery reports show you exactly which student families did/did not receive the communication.

Social & web share

Save time by managing both internal and external social posts through ParentSquare without having to share Facebook or Twitter passwords.


Send media-rich messages to families. Save time with built-in distribution lists through SIS integration and ensure district-wide brand consistency with pre-defined templates.


Save time and money by sending confidential, student-specific documents — such as progress reports, IEPs, etc — to all parents electronically. 


Automatically alert all parents or guardians with student-specific notifications and let them respond via text, email, voice calls, or app.

attendance notification

Classroom Communications

Empower teachers to reach every family, with the tools and channels they need at their fingertips.


Conveniently message a parent privately, start a group conversation, or send a post to every parent/guardian of students in a class/grade/period, etc., with 2-way translation.

Volunteering & Supplies

Make it easy for parents to contribute their time or provide needed items by adding sign-up slots to your posts. Easily track progress and send reminders with a click.


Increase participation with time slot sign ups and automatic reminders for your families.


Teachers and admins can send posts, messages, and alerts to students in a safe, private place with administrative oversight.


Make it easy for parents/guardians to connect with teachers, staff, or even each other (if enabled). Search by name, email, phone, or student.

Fully Integrated School Services

Embed interactive forms, documents and other services to increase response rates and participation.


Securely embed permission slips or forms requiring a signature into your posts, pre-filled with known student/parent information, translated to parents’ preferred languagesto save time and ensure accuracy.


Grow participation rates for any type of appointment by adding time slot sign ups to your post. Streamline material pick-ups/drop-offs, counselor appointments, office visits, etc.


Add online payment requests directly to your posts and/or set up invoices for one-time or recurring monthly payments. For example: field trips, optional supplies, uniforms, after-school programs, and lost library books.


Easily get a count of adults and students attending a school event with built-in event RSVP options, including event reminders. Establish a two-way sync between your public school calendar and ParentSquare.


Quickly gather input from parents when you need it. Pre-built templates, multi-language versioning, and fields pre-populated with known student/family data help everyone save time.


Streamline daily health check processes for staff and students with secure, customizable forms, multiple language versions, automatic flagging of positive responses, and detailed admin reports.


Save time and money by sending confidential, student-specific documents — such as progress reports, IEPs, etc. — to parents electronically.

engagement reports

Track the performance of all schools services
with detailed reports.

One Unified Platform

Streamline support, save time, and empower your organization through a single secure platform. 


Oversee and manage all communication from the district level to the classroom, complete with role-based permissions and audit-logging.


Easily measure and improve engagement with visual reports on parent reach, participation, and engagement.

2-Way Translation

Translate to 100+ languages to improve reach and better communicate with ELL families.


ParentSquare’s smooth onboarding process and ongoing support are consistently praised by customers as among the best in edtech.

99% contactability
reach and deliverability report

ParentSquare integrates with all Student Information Systems


Unique contact management features save time and make it easy to keep family contact data current, without compromising the security of your SIS.


ParentSquare is fully compliant with FERPA and COPPA, and we are proud signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge.


We safeguard the confidentiality of all information we collect by adhering to industry-leading security protocols for data transfer and storage.


Intelligent integrations with your SIS and single sign on capabilities streamlines support and ensures secure, up-to-date data across all systems.  

Privacy Certified

Privacy Pledge Badge
COPPA iKeepSafe certification badge
FERPA iKeepSafe certification badge
CSPC iKeepSafe certification badge


Delight all your stakeholders through a single platform


We officially migrated recently and we love ParentSquare – everyone thinks it is really easy to use. And, no need to boot up your laptop just to send out a message – just use the app! We are also using their translation setting for our ELL families, with languages like Nepali, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili, and a local translator reports that the translations are “perfect”!
Pam Mcleod
Pamela McLeod
District Administrator
Concord School District (NH)
This system has allowed us to customize groups in order to communicate with specific stakeholder groups. We no longer “spray” communication to everyone, but are able to target groups which has been a game changer from our former parent communication tool.
Karen Villalobos
Twin Rivers Charter School (CA)
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Comms Officers

ParentSquare is hands-down the best investment our district has made when it comes to engaging and communicating with students, parents and staff. We have been able to raise the reach and frequency to our stakeholders. Our principals and school office supervisors all rave about its ease of use, and our families appreciate the various ways in which to receive info via posts, emails, texts, app, website or calls.
Marci McFadden
Marci McFadden
Chief of Communication and Engagement
Monterey Peninsula USD (CA)
Communication is always important, but during the pandemic it has been CRITICAL. ParentSquare has been an invaluable resource, keeping us connected with parents and students throughout our response. The program is easy to use for staff and teachers as well as our families. The flexibility of the platform and responsiveness of the support team has been a key component to our success in providing instruction to students during the pandemic, providing a reliable connection with our families and enabling us to bringing students back to school in person safely while we continue to provide virtual learning for those at home.
Jennifer Baker, M.L.S., M.P.A.
Librarian and Communications Specialist
Napa Valley USD (CA)

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Tech Leaders

I’m getting rave feedback about how ParentSquare is making our home-school connection a breeze while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s become a linchpin in helping us to be successful with this.
Pete Just
Pete Just
Wayne Township MSD (IN)
Districts face many challenges when rolling out new technology including funding and end-user adoption, therefore strong vendor relationships play a key role in our success criteria. ParentSquare team is top-notch and acts as a partner to our District, offering excellence in service and support.
Todd Ryckman
Todd Ryckman
Chief Educational Technology Officer
Santa Barbara USD (CA)

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ParentSquare has been a game changer for our school’s communications. We are able to message out regular bulletins, alerts, and direct messages with our community! The features are broad and allow us to get creative with our messages. The biggest component of the platform is the translation piece. Our parents can easily translate the message into their home language.
Thumbs Up
Paulette Smith
James Madison Elementary
The intersection between schools and parents is ParentSquare. The perfect way to allow families to control just how much information they want to receive and how involved they want to be in their child’s education.
Kimberly Tumambing
District Administrator
Gorman Learning Charter Network

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Parent Square is my “right-hand man” during this era of pandemic teaching! I communicate regularly through posts and direct messaging with my parents and with my students. Parent Square notifies me immediately when I receive messages to alert me to a problem that my students may have accessing me online. I have found Parent Square to be a life saver and time saver with communications, scheduling conferences, and forming a community within our classroom and school site.
Thumbs Up
Nancy Cowan
Classroom Teacher
Lake Elsinore USD (CA)
ParentSquare is the BEST in helping teachers and families connect! It is easy and fun! I love the options to make creative posts, the personal message option, and the directory is a life saver!
Dylan Glanzer
Classroom Teacher
BASIS Independent McLean (VA)

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Our parents love ParentSquare. It has helped to streamline communication and keep all important information in one spot. During a Town Hall meeting, we had a parent tell us how thankful she was because she did not have space on her phone for all the different apps and now she can communicate with her children’s teachers and find out what time practice is all in one place.
graduation cap
Nicholette Klingensmith
District Administrator
Honeoye Central School (NY)
I love ParentSquare because I get to communicate with my kids teachers and I am always tuned in to any change or news related to my kids schools.
Rosa Gabriela Gonzalez
KIPP Comienza Community Prep (CA)

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