Alamo Spellathon

Alamo’s annual Spell-a-thon will take place on the third Thursday of January Thursday, January 23, 2020. This is a fun and educational fundraiser that raised over $30,000 for Alamo last year! Your child learns to spell 25 words (Kindergarten to 3rd grade) or 40/50 words (4th and 5th grade), while your family and friends can reward his/her effort with a tax-deductible donation to Alamo School. Donations raised are used to pay for grade-wide field trips, teacher classroom allocations, assemblies, copier expenses, school beautification projects, family nights, Grandparents Day, and much more.

Your child should have received a parent letter, spelling words, pledge form and envelope. Additional copies can be found at Please encourage your child to study his/her spelling words and ask friends and family to sponsor them. Our goal is to have 100% participation - any donation amount helps! The students will take the spelling test by or before January 23 in their class. The tests will be scored and returned to the student. Please collect the pledge money or checks from your child’s sponsors by Friday, February 14, 2020. Checks should be payable to “Alamo PTA” and returned to your teacher.

Online donations through PayPal can be made by clicking on the donate button above. Some important notes regarding online payments:

  1. If possible, please reserve online payments for amounts $20 or greater to help us minimize Paypal fees (though it is fine if you have out of town donors).
  2. Be sure to include your child(ren)'s name(s) and let friends and family who are donating know to include your child(ren)'s first and last name(s).
  3. If you are donating towards multiple children, please combine them into one payment.
  4. If you are making a donation on behalf of more than one child, indicate the names of the children, their room number(s) and the amount going to each child in the Notes section. For example: John Lee (201) - $25, Jane Lee (218) - $40
  5. You can share a link to the fundraiser by clicking on the links on the bottom right side of the page.
Thank you for supporting Alamo!


您的孩子應該收到一封致家長的信,其中包括拼寫單詞和保證書。其他副本請訪問。請鼓勵您的孩子學習單詞拼寫并尋求朋友和家人的支持。我們的目標是全體學生(100%)參加——捐款量不在多少!孩子們將在各自的班級完成單詞拼寫測試(時間截止至1月23日),測試將在評分完成後交到學生手中。請於2020年2月14日,週五之前向支持您孩子的朋友或家人領取捐款或支票。支票抬頭請寫“Alamo PTA”,並交給老師。



  1. 如果可能,請在PayPal上預留$20或$20以上的費用,幫助我們把PayPal的費用降到最低(如果有外地捐助者會更好)。
  2. 請務必寫下您孩子(們)的姓名,請您的朋友和家人在捐款時寫下您孩子(們)的全名。
  3. 如果您向多個孩子捐款,請最後合併成一次付款。
  4. 如果您是代表多個孩子進行捐款,請在備註部分注明孩子的姓名、教室號和每個孩子的捐款金額。例如:John Lee (201) - $25, Jane Lee (218) - $40。
  5. 您可以通過點擊此頁面右下角的鏈接來分享資金籌集活動的鏈接。