Dos Pueblos High School

School Public
Students 2,500
Grades 9-12
Location Santa Barbara, CA

The Problem: Dos Pueblos high school struggled to target messages to specific groups of parents like Spanish speaking parents, AVID, FRL, Engineering Academy etc. There was no easy way to update and manage email lists for parents for the group or to reach parents who did not have emails.

The Solution: In 5 months with ParentSquare, Dos Pueblos High have increased their parent reach from 67% to 100%. They have been able to fix incorrect emails and parents who do not use email now receive notifications via texts. Administrators and teachers can also send targeted messages to specific groups of parents and keep them updated on classroom activities, keeping them in the loop.

Merced Union High
School District
Public District, 1,200 students,
9-12, Merced, CA
"For years, we struggled to reach culturally diverse parents in the community. Now, with ParentSquare’s auto-language translation, we are on our way to reaching 100% of parents."
Constantino Aguilar
Executive Director of Technology and Innovation
Bright Star
Private, 1,600 students,
K-12, Los Angeles, CA
"Things get hectic when your school uses 6 different tools to communicate with parents. ParentSquare’s platform is the easiest way to keep organized and communicate with parents. "
Marni Parsons
Vice President, Student and Family Services
Torrence Creek
Public School, 500 Students,
K-5, Huntersville, NC
"Increasing parent engagement has always been a priority, but finding time to research a tool has been difficult. ParentSquare’s seamless setup made this an easy decision for us."
Leah Davis


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Aspire Public Schools

School Charter
Students 16,000
Grades K-12
Location CA and TN

The Problem: Aspire Public Schools, one of the nation's highest performing low-income school systems struggled to reach and engage their culturally diverse families. They needed a secure, easy-to-use solution that could help reach all their families and help build a stronger school community.

The Solution: Aspire Public Schools adopted ParentSquare, opening up the lines for two-way, constant and consistent communication with families, helping them feel valued and fully committed to school goals and values. With ParentSquare, Aspire has been able to build a stronger, more involved school community, reaching over 95% of families in all 40 of their different locations.


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Saint Martin of Tours Catholic School

School Private
Students 345
Grades TK-8
Location Los Angeles, CA

The Problem: St. Martin of Tours Catholic School had too many methods of communication and no easy way to integrate them. The school shared content through the website, Google groups, emails, robo-calls, and much more. Although those methods seemed to work separately, it was difficult for the school to ensure consistent, reliable and timely communication with all families.

The Solution: With ParentSquare, St. Martin of Tours can manage all school to home communication on a single platform. Administrators, teachers, staff, and parents communicate, share pictures, request sign-ups, and much more all on ParentSquare. Now, administrators are able to manage and have full visibility into all school-home communication.