Our Story

ParentSquare makes it easier for every parent to be involved at school. And students whose parents are involved do better. That matters a lot.

We started ParentSquare because a solution was needed that helped parents feel better connected with their child's school. In today's ed-tech world, there are many tools focused on the school, teachers and students - school management systems, student information systems, learning management systems, newsletter tools etc. - but as a parent, there's only a confusing array of disparate one-way information sources that only keep parents as spectators.

Built for whole-school adoption, we cater to every adult at school and home, including those who rarely use technology. And with our ease of use and bi-directional, private, social-like elements, we engage the busiest teachers, parents and administrators.

ParentSquare has developed in large part based on feedback and requests from our passionate, forward-thinking users. Tell us how you use ParentSquare and what you want and we’ll gather it all up to evolve. Thank you!


Anupama Vaid

Anu is the visionary who created ParentSquare when she recognized a need for better communication at her children’s school. Prior to starting ParentSquare, Anu spent fifteen years successfully leading engineering, design, and product teams in building innovative software.

Anu is a board member at the Charter School her kids attend. She did her B.E. in Computer Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

Sohit Wadhwa

Sohit is an experienced strategic leader passionate about applying lean principles to growing the company.

Sohit joined ParentSquare from Citrix, where he worked for 9 years, the last 4 years as the Senior Director, heading the engineering team for cloud communications including GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar and OpenVoice.

Prior to that, Sohit was the Chief Architect at ETAS Bosch for 4 years on projects that centered around wireless communication.

Linn Sillers
VP, Sales & Mktg linn@parentsquare.com

Linn with her "glass half full" mentality is the driving force at ParentSquare. Linn heads up sales and market expansion for ParentSquare. Prior to partnering up with ParentSquare, Linn spent majority of her career in the SaaS industry, and has both startup and large company experience and mentality.

Linn comes from a family of educators and is a native of Sweden, a small country where work-life balance is created within the society. Linn did her higher education in Business Administration and International Marketing in the USA.


Mitch Weisburgh
Partner, Academic Business Advisors
Brian PlackisCheng
CEO, cielo24
Demian Barnett
Principal @ Peabody Charter School

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