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The Flywheel Effect with Smart Sites + ParentSquare + Remind

By Anupama Vaid, ParentSquare Founder & President

At all these companies coming together – Gabbart + ParentSquare + Remind – our common mission has been student success. Together, we’ve revolutionized the way schools and families communicate and collaborate, each playing a vital role in this transformative journey. Now, united as one team and one company, we stand on the brink of a remarkable opportunity – the potential to ignite a flywheel effect that propels continuous growth and engagement within school communities. So what is the flywheel effect? Let me explain.

Attracting Families: The Journey Begins

When a parent is looking for a school for their kids, where’s the first place they go? The website. The school’s website is like your digital front porch. And our intuitive Smart Sites turns it into a welcoming beacon for families. It’s not just about information; it’s about showcasing the school’s culture, values, and everything that makes it stand out. That’s step one of the flywheel.

Retaining and Engaging Families: The Heart of the Flywheel

Now, once families step through that digital door, that’s where the real magic happens. Serving as the central hub of communication, ParentSquare keeps everyone within the school community seamlessly connected, from essential announcements to daily interactions, forms, and event reminders. And here’s where the flywheel kicks into high gear – because the more families engage with ParentSquare, the stronger the community becomes.

Turning Families into Advocates: The Catalyst for Growth

The true magic lies in our ability to turn engaged families into passionate advocates for the school. With Remind functionality seamlessly integrated, teachers and coaches can share their passion and expertise easily with every parent. The result? Those engaged families become the school’s biggest cheerleaders, spreading the word and attracting even more families to that district.

The Flywheel Effect

And as more families are drawn to the school through word-of-mouth referrals and positive experiences, the flywheel effect gains momentum, driving continuous growth and engagement within the school community. This continuous cycle of growth and engagement creates a vibrant ecosystem where every child is supported on their educational journey, fostering a sense of unity and purpose within the community.

My hope is that every school district in the country will be able to kickstart this flywheel effect for the betterment of our school communities. We, at ParentSquare, are happy to support you in this journey for student success.

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