Urgent & Smart Alerts

Timely communication with families is essential to reaching parents with important and urgent information. With ParentSquare, effortlessly send alerts through a user-friendly interface, accessible from both your phone and desktop.

creating a smart alert

Smart Alerts

For when you need to send alert messages and short parent reminders, or for emergency messages such as school closures, early dismissals, and delays.

  • Send to everyone or target specific groups (school site, bus route, sports team, etc.)
  • Set up message templates ahead of time, including translations
  • Broadcast to all channels (sms, email, app, web, voice) or
  • Use Smart Alerts to send a text first with automatic failover to voice.

Urgent Alerts

Quickly send school/district-wide messages when there is a critical threat or when a natural disaster strikes, and speed of delivery is most important.

  • Choose from options to automatically translate messages into recipients’ preferred languages.
  • Have confidence in the accuracy, as well as the flexibility to edit translations before sending.
  • Select a prerecorded message from a Message Library or write a short message that gets sent out through all communication modes: email, text and voice call (as text-to-speech).
urgent alerts

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