Contact Verification & Accuracy

Save time, protect privacy, and keep contact data current

The Problem

For Parents

  • Only allowed one email/phone per account, children at multiple schools = multiple accounts
  • Emails/phones can’t be shared amongst family members
  • Need to contact school to update

For Schools

  • Parent and guardian contact info is frequently outdated or contains typos
  • Different emails/phones tied to the same person for each student require manual merging
  • Time-consuming hassle for schools to manually review and track down family members for updated contact information

The Solution

For Parents

  • Parents can log in to their account using any of their emails/phones and can share contact methods with other family members
  • If a contact detail is wrong, parents can suggest corrections
  • Safely maintain staff and personal contact details in a single account for staff who also have children in school

For Schools

  • Receive real-time reports with all parent updates
  • Easily update parent contact details in their student information system (SIS)
  • Free up precious time spent chasing families with bad data
contact card
contact card

The Result

For Parents

  • A single account for all school communication
  • The ability to identify typos and bad contact details at any time
  • Easy way to update all schools when contact details change so they never miss out on important information

For Schools

  • Simplified database administration and improved contact quality
  • System that assures complete data security & student privacy
  • More equitable communications to reach more parents

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