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Invoices and Payments

With ParentSquare's Payments technology, you can easily manage payments for:

  • Fundraisers like jog-a-thons, school auctions, and even virtual events (5Ks, talent shows, etc.)
  • School Supplies
  • Events like field trips

Benefits of secure online payments:

  • Money won’t get lost or misplaced
  • Prevents the misuse of fundsmoney goes straight to the school
  • More convenient for parents, teachers & staff
  • Easier for parents to pay the full amount upfront
  • Continue an invoice, even after a student has left the school
request payment
making a payment via Stripe

What Parents See:

  1. An email, text or app notification (depending on their preferences) with a link to the ParentSquare post or invoice document
  2. Parents can securely pay with their card via Stripe

*Note: ParentSquare DOES NOT STORE any credit card information. All payments are made through Stripe for secure online payments.

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