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14 Ways Schools Can Improve Communication and Engagement (and How ParentSquare Can Help)

In today’s digital age, effective communication and engagement between schools and families is vital for fostering a supportive and collaborative educational environment. Traditional methods of communication, such as newsletters and paper notices, often fall short in reaching all parents and guardians in a timely and convenient manner. Fortunately, ParentSquare has emerged as a powerful tool that revolutionizes school-home communication. 

Let’s explore how ParentSquare benefits schools and why it is an essential platform for enhancing parental engagement and streamlining communication.

1. Streamline communication channels

ParentSquare provides schools with a centralized platform to send messages, updates and announcements to parents, guardians, students, staff and even the community. With features like instant messaging, email and app notifications, it ensures that important information reaches stakeholders promptly, eliminating the need for multiple communication channels. Most importantly, ParentSquare empowers teachers to reach every family, with the tools and channels they need at their fingertips.

2. Confidence with oversight, reports and analytics

Oversee and manage all communication from the district level to the classroom, complete with role-based permissions and audit-logging. You can safely give group-specific permissions to coaches, music/theater directors, extracurricular partners, volunteers, etc., to support special school programs. Additionally, you can easily measure and improve engagement with visual reports on parent reach, participation, and engagement. Reach—and maintain—contactability with 100% of your student families, track parent interaction levels across your district or by school, and get the insights you need to continuously improve your efforts.

3. Provide real-time updates

Whether it’s an urgent alert, event updates or classroom happenings, ParentSquare ensures real-time updates are readily accessible to your stakeholders. This feature keeps everyone informed, reducing confusion and missed opportunities for involvement. Within notification settings, families and students are also able to adjust settings to be alerted when and how they want to be notified. Urgent alerts, however, are always sent immediately.

4. Ensure a secure and private environment

ParentSquare prioritizes privacy and data security. It provides a closed and secure platform for schools and families, ensuring that sensitive information is shared only with authorized individuals. This creates a trusted space for open communication while safeguarding personal data.

5. Support all families with language translation

ParentSquare recognizes the importance of inclusivity and offers language translation features. Families who are non-native English speakers can select their preferred language for messages and updates, fostering better understanding and engagement. Real-time translation is also available with our messaging feature, meaning teachers can create a message in English and it is sent to the parent/guardian in their chosen language. When they respond in their chosen language, it is translated into English for the teacher.

messaging with 2-way translation

6. Improve attendance with automatic notifications

ParentSquare simplifies attendance tracking and communications. Schools can send attendance notifications directly to families already pre-populated with personalized information, enabling quick responses in case of absence or tardiness. Additionally, parents and guardians can easily respond to these notifications to provide excused absence information. 

attendance notification

7. Simplify event RSVPs and sign-ups

Planning events and managing sign-ups can be time-consuming. ParentSquare streamlines this process for both teachers and parents by providing event management features. Families can RSVP for events, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and receive event reminders, ensuring active participation and smooth event organization.

calendar event & rsvp

8. Share academic progress updates

With ParentSquare, teachers can easily share academic progress updates and individualized student reports. Families can gain a comprehensive understanding of their child’s progress and identify areas for additional support. The secure documents feature allows teachers and administrators to confidently deliver important materials – like report cards, truancy letters and more. 

9. Modernize forms and consent management

ParentSquare’s integrated forms feature is a seamless way to distribute important forms and receive responses from families. Digital forms also improve efficiency for teachers and staff members who can quickly see all completed forms and create auto-reminders for those who haven’t yet filled out their forms. Parents and guardians can easily provide digital consent for various activities and permissions required throughout the school year.

10. Gather input with surveys and polls

ParentSquare offers a built-in survey and polling feature that enables schools to gather valuable feedback and opinions. This helps schools make informed decisions, tailor programs to meet specific needs and enhance the overall educational experience.

11. Efficient parent-teacher conference scheduling

Scheduling parent-teacher conferences can be challenging. ParentSquare simplifies this process by providing an intuitive interface for scheduling appointments. Parents and guardians can select convenient time slots, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring productive meetings.

12. Improve community engagement

ParentSquare goes beyond family, student and staff communication to foster community engagement. It allows community members that don’t have children in the school system to stay connected and invested by joining community groups. Ideal for alumni, boosters, foundations and events, community groups strengthen relationships and create a supportive network within the school ecosystem.

13. Accessible documentation and templates

ParentSquare serves as a centralized repository for important documents, such as permission slips, handouts, and newsletters. Families can access these documents anytime, eliminating the need for physical copies and ensuring information is readily available. Furthermore, teachers and administrators can create and save templates inside the platform for items they use every year – saving valuable time.

14. Establish safe student communication

Teachers, administrators and even coaches can send posts, messages and alerts to students in a safe, private place with administrative oversight. Many middle and high school students don’t use email in their day-to-day lives. With StudentSquare, you can align your communications to the way students already communicate – through their smartphone.

post to students

ParentSquare is a powerful communication tool that benefits schools in numerous ways. By streamlining communication, enhancing parental engagement and providing essential features, it strengthens the home-school partnership and contributes to a more cohesive and supportive educational community. With ParentSquare, schools can harness the potential of technology to create a positive and collaborative learning environment for students, families, and educators alike.

ParentSquare is here to help you enhance your school to home communications and improve your engagement efforts. Learn more about these features (and more) by booking a demo today!

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