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Why Are Parent Teacher Conferences Important? 5 Reasons To Consider

Parent-teacher conferences are a vital component of a child’s education, especially at the elementary level. These conferences provide an opportunity for parents and guardians to connect with the teacher and discuss the child’s academic progress, social development, and overall performance in school.

Many schools are turning toward student-led conferences, where the student shares their portfolio of work and discusses progress with family members. These types of conferences can…

  • Provide powerful opportunities for students to advocate for their own learning
  • Allow students to demonstrate responsibility for their academic performance
  • Encourage students to think critically about their own abilities and achievements
  • Help students develop skills they’ll use long after they’ve finished school

Whether these meetings involve student participation or not, data has shown that parent and guardian involvement in a child’s education can lead to better academic outcomes, improved attendance, and higher graduation rates.

Here are five reasons why parent-teacher conferences are essential:

1. Understanding the child’s strengths and weaknesses

Parent-teacher conferences allow parents and guardians to get a better understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can provide insight into the child’s academic abilities, areas of improvement, and overall progress in the classroom. This information can help families better support their child’s learning at home.

2. Building a positive relationship between families and teachers

Parent-teacher conferences can help build a positive relationship between families and teachers. When they work together, parents/guardians and teachers can create a supportive learning environment that benefits the child’s academic and social development.

With ParentSquare, teachers can share photos and videos with families from the classroom. This feature has many benefits and can help parents/guardians who may not have the opportunity to volunteer or attend school day events to feel connected with their child’s learning experience. It can also encourage family involvement beyond the conferences so parents and guardians stay engaged.

A preschool teacher at Nelson Christian Community School shared an update with families via ParentSquare that featured highlights of the week, an important reminder about health and photos for parents/guardians to enjoy. 

3. Encouraging parent involvement

Parent-teacher conferences can encourage parent/guardian involvement in their child’s education. By attending conferences, they demonstrate their commitment to their child’s education, and teachers can provide suggestions for how families can be more involved in their child’s learning at home.

One of the most beloved features in ParentSquare is the ability to send out a digital parent-teacher conference schedule that lets parents and guardians sign up online. Automatic reminders can be sent leading to fewer no-shows. Sign-ups are flexible and can include options such as translators, individualized education plan support, and virtual meetings. Teachers have full control to add in breaks and block out certain hours.

4. Addressing concerns and issues

Parent-teacher conferences provide an opportunity for parents/guardians and teachers to discuss any concerns or issues regarding the child’s academic or social performance in school. This open dialogue can help identify any issues early on and address them before they become more significant problems.

5. Developing a plan for academic success

Parent-teacher conferences provide an opportunity for parents/guardians and teachers to develop a plan for the child’s academic success. Teachers can provide guidance on how families can support their child’s learning at home, and parents/guardians can ask questions and provide feedback on how their child is progressing in school.

It’s easy to keep parents and guardians informed on the progress of their child’s academic success plan with ParentSquare’s direct messaging features! Teachers can communicate easily through the secure messaging platform while maintaining their privacy. Real-time translation is also available for this messaging feature, meaning teachers can create a message in English and it is sent to the parent/guardian in their chosen language. When they respond in their chosen language, it is translated into English for the teacher.

2-way translation

Parent-teacher conferences are an essential component of a child’s education. They provide an opportunity for parents/guardians and teachers to discuss the child’s academic progress, social development, and overall performance in school. By attending conferences, parents and guardians can better support their child’s learning at home, and teachers can provide guidance and support for academic success. Ultimately, parent-teacher conferences can help create a supportive learning environment that benefits the child’s academic and social development.

Admire and Acquire

Need some help getting started with communications on your parent-teacher conferences? We’ve pulled together a few ideas for you! Feel free to copy, paste and personalize.

Dear Families of Room 5,

It is time for spring conferences, please view the sign-up list and find a convenient time for us to meet. Your kids have been working hard and I am excited to share more about your student.

I know your time is valuable, here are a few things to make the most of our time together:

  • I would love your scholar to come with you to the conference. Your 4th grader will lead part of the time
  • Feel free to any questions about classroom programs or your child’s progress
  • Discuss how we can work together to support learning
  • Please be punctual

I have listed some times where I will be providing Spanish translation, please only use those time slots if you need a translator.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone at conferences!

Mr. Abernathy

Good Morning,

We will be having parent-teacher conferences November 12 – November 17 (in-person format). As a reminder, we will conduct one conference per child. Please view the sign up list and find a convenient time for us to meet.

I look forward to meeting with you in November to celebrate your child! Thank You!

Miss Hoover

Happy Wednesday!

We are excited to connect with you in March for Spring Conferences. Conferences will be conducted in an in-person format. Please see below for important information about the scheduling, structure, and reporting.

Thank You!

Principal Smith

Scheduling: ParentSquare

Scheduling for our Spring Conferences will be available online between February 13 – February 22 via ParentSquare. During this time you will have the opportunity to access our scheduling calendars and pick an available time that best fits your schedule.

Our conferences are student-involved, so please make sure to pick a time that will allow for your child to participate as well.

*Please watch for an email from your child’s teacher on the morning of February 13 that will include directions to sign up for conferences.

ParentSquare is here to help you in all of your student success initiatives. Learn more about these features and many more by booking a demo today!

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