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Bright Star Schools needed a simple solution that could consolidate all their communication needs and reach parents effectively

Case Study: Bright Star Schools


Bright Star Schools had too many methods of communication. They were using flyers, email, robo-calls, website updates, remind101, and much more. Although those methods work, it became complicated quickly. Multiple messages would go out to the same parent and no one knew what was being sent out or who it was being sent out to.


After learning about ParentSquare, Bright Star Schools took everything and put it into one platform with ParentSquare. Now, not only can Bright Star Schools see what is going out and who it is going out to, they are able to track what percentage of parents have received the message. Bright Star Schools is currently reaching 98% of their parents.

“One thing we have found by using the Forms within ParentSquare is that when we ask questions, we can say with certainty what the answer is for every family; and what we’ve also found from that is that if we ask them about their preferences for learning modes—whether that be in-person or distance learning—parents can also answer those questions per child, so it gives us really accurate information about each student.”

Marni Parsons, Vice President of Student and Family Services


Bright Star Schools


Los Angeles, California




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Bright Star Schools Case Study

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