Download Our New Report "Benchmark Survey: What’s Working for School Communication and Engagement"

How do your district or school communication efforts compare to those of your peers? The results of a new national survey reveal six key findings to support your investment in communication channels, social media, reach and equity.

The report covers responses from 1,157 district and school administrators, teachers and other professional staff. You’ll learn:

  • Which communication channels and social media platforms ranked for effectiveness
  • What role contactability plays in family engagement
  • The key to educational equity and student success
  • If the integration of tools and channels of communication continues
  • How many schools are making branding and marketing a priority
Download this free report now for useful takeaways from the survey data to both benchmark what you’re doing now, and to plan for the future of family engagement.

Get the Infographic "What’s Working for School Communication and Engagement"

benchmark survey infographic