Download Our New Report “Communications Future Survey: Educator Perspectives on What Works to Reach Families and What Should Change”

What does the future of school-home communications look like? The results of a new national survey reveal which channels are frequent and effective now — and what districts and schools want to see more, and less, of in two to three years.
Communications Future Survey Report

The report covers responses from 1,316 district and school administrators, teachers and other professional staff. You’ll learn:

  • Which channels of communication are most popular now
  • How channels differ in rankings for frequency and effectiveness
  • The role of digital in the communications mix in the future
  • What mode of communication schools would like to drop entirely
  • The one channel of communication schools want to significantly increase

Download this free report now for useful takeaways from the survey data to both benchmark what you’re doing now, and to plan for the future of family engagement. 

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Get the powerful infographic,
“The Future of School-Home Communications”

The Future of School-Home Communications Infographic