Download Our Best Practice Guide "Effective Family Communications: From Content to Cadence"

Effectively communicating with families has never been more important, but many districts are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with key stakeholders. Why?

School is usually one commitment out of many for busy families, and school communications can easily get buried among everyday responsibilities. If schools and districts send uncoordinated messages from too many places and too often, it’s easy for parents and guardians to experience message fatigue and stop listening. Combine that with message content that is inconsistent, wordy or disorganized, and you have a recipe for communication difficulties.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide that focuses on the critical components of effective family communications.

Effective Family Comms Guide

In this best practices guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to take stock of what you’re doing now
  • How to make your content easy to absorb and act on
  • How to target the right group to increase engagement
  • How to establish a healthy communications cadence
  • How to measure and adjust for ongoing effectiveness

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Get the useful infographic “Effective Family Communications: Does Your Messaging Stack Up?”