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Family involvement is one of the strongest predictors of children’s success in school, and effective, equitable school-to-home communications are more important than ever before. But districts and schools across the country struggle to engage with 100% of their families — especially the hardest-to-reach parents and guardians, or the persistent last 10%.
Best Practice Guide Cover - Reaching the Last 10%

This best practice guide is based on ParentSquare’s years of experience working with schools and districts across the country. It covers five key challenges:

  1. Language and cultural barriers
  2. Non-tech-literate families and low bandwidth devices
  3. Inaccurate contact information
  4. Families facing non-school-related challenges
  5. Information overload 
Download this free guide now for specific recommendations to successfully address each of the five challenges. Taking these small, consistent steps over time can lead to major improvements in your connections with the hardest-to-reach families.

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