How effective are your school-home communications? Let’s find out.

Benchmark your current school-home communication efforts across 5 key areas

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School-Home Comms Assessment Report Results

Answer 21 questions to get a personalized report with
scores and actionable recommendations for 5 key areas: 

  1. Contactability 
  2. Content and Frequency
  3. Family Access and Control
  4. Privacy and Technology
  5. Oversight and Analytics

It usually takes 10 minutes to answer the questions and get your scores and downloadable School-Communications Self-Assessment Report.

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What’s in Your Report?

Your Scores Plus Info on How They Were Generated

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Overview and
Key Best Practices by Section

Top Recommendations and Tips, Based on
Your Scores

Why Benchmark your Communications?

We know that every school is committed to connecting with its parents and families — it’s no secret that a strong school-home connection leads to student success!

The best predictor of student success is the extent to which families encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their child’s education.

We hope this self-assessment helps you gauge how well your current efforts are working and identify actions to take, so you can create interactive, ongoing connections with the adults at home supporting each student — including hard-to-reach families, non-English speaking families, and incoming families.

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