Create—and Maintain—Strong Bonds with Every Student's Family

Thursday, September 22 @ 11am PT / 2pm ET

How do districts establish and maintain a strong foundation of trust with their students’ families?

We’ve invited several school district leaders to share their insights, strategies and stories. Questions we’ll ask include:

– How do you establish healthy connections with every family?
– Who in your district/schools needs to be involved?
– How do you rebuild trust if it’s lost?
– What has the biggest potential to erode trust?

Even if you cannot attend, please register if you’d like to receive the recording by email afterwards.


Joshua Wucher

Chief Communications Officer
Transformation Waco (TX)

Kirsten Fitterer

Kirsten Fitterer

Chief Communications Officer
Yakima SD (WA)

Krista Stockman

Krista J. Stockman

Director of Communications & Marketing
Fort Wayne Community Schools (IN)