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ParentSquare & Class Intercom Partnership Provides More Robust Communication Tools for Schools & Districts

LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 28, 2024 — ParentSquare and Class Intercom have announced a partnership aimed at helping schools and districts more strategically and effectively manage and distribute information, updates, and content across major communication channels. By working together, both companies will provide a powerful and efficient partnership to assist and support districts in improving communication, engagement, and student success–effectively helping schools better serve students and communities.

ParentSquare is trusted by more than 23,000 schools across the U.S. as the leading unified communication platform, making it easy for school personnel–from the district office to the classroom teacher–to communicate precisely the right information to student families at the right time, in the right place. The platform keeps stakeholders and information organized and intentional, ensuring families receive texts, messages, emails, and other updates in ways that make sense for their urgency, relevance, and impact. Class Intercom, the leading platform for school social media management, is designed to help schools source and curate social media content that fully humanizes their schools. Class Intercom schools source photos, videos, and information from across their school communities, collaborating with students, educators, administrators, and even parents in a central place and publishing directly to social media channels. 

Schools and districts utilizing both of these powerful tools in tandem benefit from the ability to communicate directly with groups and individuals as well as through the public channel that is social media. Where communications should be targeted to groups or individuals directly, school personnel can seamlessly and securely deliver them. Where storytelling content represents a school community’s experiences and values, schools can be intentional about slating it into their social media content and publishing to audiences on social channels. Both platforms are designed with moderation functionality and multiple tiers of access, plus built-in compliance to ensure all the security, time-savings, and compliance boxes are checked.

“For many schools and districts, managing and organizing content and information can be difficult and time-consuming,” says Class Intercom President Dr. Jill Johnson, noting that ParentSquare is the unquestioned leader when it comes to integrated school communications. “In addition to being a place to communicate information, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for storytelling–and it’s one that schools utilizing both solutions now have the ability to more effectively use!”

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Class Intercom,” said Anupama Vaid, founder and president of ParentSquare. “Combining the power of ParentSquare’s unified communication platform with Class Intercom’s comprehensive school social media management solution empowers schools to really take advantage of each channel, including social media, as an opportunity to reach and engage their school communities.”

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About ParentSquare 

ParentSquare is the leading provider of modern family and community engagement solutions for K-12 schools. Millions of educators and families rely on its multipurpose, unified platform to distribute information via mass notifications, classroom communications, school websites, and other channels, all supported by visual dashboards. ParentSquare’s technology platform features comprehensive integrations with school administrative systems, translation to more than 100 languages, and app, email, text, voice, and web portal access for equitable communication. Learn more at

About Class Intercom

Class Intercom’s social media and content management software helps schools and districts use social media more effectively. The platform empowers administrators, educators, and students by providing the tools schools need to collaborate across social channels in ways that give voice to school experiences and ultimately help prepare students to be the next generation of discerning and responsible digital citizens. Learn more at

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