Automated Notices For Schools

Streamline your notification processes, save money, and reduce paper usage by effortlessly sending automated messages to parents or students, conveniently pre-filled with personalized information.

auto notice on phone

Send automated, customized notices home with student-specific information:

  • Reduce instances that negatively impact student success and cost the school money such as truancies and overdue textbooks
  • Free up time previously spent sending individual notices by sending these notices in bulk
  • Save paper and reach parents where they are by delivering these notices via email, voice message, text or app notification
  • Use this feature for anything: tardies, honor roll recognition, student athlete physicals, iPad programs and more! You decide what to use this for!

With ParentSquare's Auto Notices Technology, you can:

  • Integrate with your SIS & other school systems
  • Create auto notices with an easy single page set up
  • Build templates and save them for later
  • Translate the message into languages spoken in your parent community
  • Ensure privacy by only sending student-specific information to each corresponding guardian
  • Track delivery status of notices with powerful reporting metrics
auto notice template

How It Works:

  1. Upload a sample csv file with all needed headers
  2. Draft your message using headers as merge fields
  3. Set a schedule and automate, or send on demand! Your notices will go out when needed.

What Parents See:

  1. A notification via email, voice message, text or app notification, depending on their preferences.
  2. A message with their child’s name, and any other relevant information specific to their child (such as a date and time, number of absences, textbook name)
auto notice message through text and email
attendance notification

Automated Attendance Notices
& Lunch Balance Notices

Set up student-specific communications with families for attendance and/or lunch balances:

  • Automatically alert parent/guardians when their child is absent
  • Give them the option to excuse their child straight from their app (or text or email)
  • Automatically notify parents when they have outstanding balances (lunch, library, etc.)

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