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Funding ParentSquare Through ESSA: Discover Funding Opportunities for Your School or District

Funding ParentSquare

In a recent ParentSquare webinar, a panel of edtech leaders discussed how schools and districts can identify and secure funding for ParentSquare. There are numerous funds available for implementing family engagement tools, but all of these different resources can make it challenging to decide where to start. 

At ParentSquare, we understand that finding and qualifying for funding opportunities is a critical step in being able to implement a family engagement tool in your school or district. To help you understand how the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) can be a source of funding to implement ParentSquare, we’ve broken down some of the top funding opportunities for family engagement tools that are accessible through this program, including how ParentSquare aligns with each section.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

ESSA is a federal law that provides funding to states and school districts to support student achievement and success.

ESSA Title I: Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Title I provides funding to schools with high numbers or high percentages of low-income students to help ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education. This portion of ESSA funding is utilized to provide assistance to families to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their children. It supports programs that reach parents and family members at home, in the community, and at school.

ParentSquare supports this section of ESSA by… 

  • Helping schools and districts communicate with families to support student learning and academic success. For example, ParentSquare can be used to send messages to parents and guardians about student progress, homework assignments, and school events.
  • Allowing educators to create groups that disseminate information to a specific group of families, providing them with important information about their child and the programs they have access to. These messages can help keep families informed and engaged in their child’s education, which can improve student outcomes.

ESSA Title II: Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High-Quality Teachers, Principals, or Other School Leaders

Title II provides funding to support the professional development of teachers and other school personnel. The goal of this funding is to improve access to effective educators for low income and minority students through programs and activities including personalized professional development for educators.

ParentSquare supports this section of ESSA by… 

  • Empowering teachers to learn how to engage with families and community partners, helping them to be more effective educators.
  • Supporting targeted training for educators who work in certain subject areas or programs in your district to better reach disadvantaged students. This training can help educators build stronger relationships with families, which can improve student engagement and academic achievement.

ESSA Title III: Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students

Title III provides funding to support English language learners (ELLs) and their families. This funding helps schools and districts provide and implement effective activities and strategies that enhance or supplement language instruction educational programs for ELLs. Part of this section of ESSA funding is aimed at promoting parent, family, and community participation in language instruction programs. 

ParentSquare supports this section of ESSA by… 

  • Helping ELL families overcome language barriers they may face when trying to communicate with school staff. Due to extensive language translation options, ParentSquare can encourage and enhance family participation by offering communications in their preferred language.
  • Connecting families interested in school- and district-sponsored language programs to the information they need to access these programs.

ESSA Title IV: 21st Century Schools

Title IV provides funding to support a well-rounded education and the improvement of academic achievement. Subparts of this section of ESSA are allocated to programs and tools that improve school conditions for student learning and enhance the use of technology in order to improve academic achievement and digital literacy of all students. In addition, digital learning tools and practices are covered within Title IV, including the personalization of learning and targeted supplementary instruction and the implementation of learning environments that allow for rich collaboration and communication.

ParentSquare supports this section of ESSA by…

  • Being a technology tool with the central functionality of reaching out to and engaging families, supporting the improvement of academic achievement and conditions for student learning. 
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication across the entire school community, between students, families, teachers, administrators, and staff. 
  • Making it possible for educators to personalize communications for targeted supplementary instructional programs with the creation of groups within the ParentSquare platform. 

As schools and districts continue to seek out ways to improve family engagement, ESSA funding opportunities can be an effective way to implement new tools and strategies. While ESSA is made up of nine titles designed to improve learning access and achievement for every student, the sections we’ve highlighted above are the primary opportunities available to schools and districts looking to implement an engagement tool like ParentSquare. 

Learn about more funding opportunities for ParentSquare by watching our webinar with funding experts here

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