Everyday Classroom Communication

Communicate frequently and effectively with two-way group messaging and private conversations responsive to families’ linguistic preferences.

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Mass Notifications and Alerts

Share logistics and routine notices with parents, staff and custom groups and individuals in a friendly, powerful manner with Smart Alerts.

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Sierra Sands Unified
School District
"ParentSquare is helping Sierra Sands revolutionize our school-to-home communications. Through text, email, and push notifications, we are able to reach out to our parents and community in ways that we were never able to before. Through general notifications, alert messages, absence reporting, lunch account balances, calendars and more, we are finally reaching parents where they are. They can receive these messages in the manner that makes the most sense for them. We are very excited about this improved school-to-home communication tool!"
Donnie Morrison, Director of Technology

Participation Workflows

Invite families to fill forms online, sign permission slips and actively take part in opportunities concerning their children with volunteer requests, conference sign ups, RSVPs and polls.

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Automated Notifications

Personalized automated notifications for attendance, grades and lunch balances create efficiencies, improve productivity and foster compliance.

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Payments and Fundraising

From fundraising to ticket sales and beyond, we help make it easy for teachers and parent leaders to quickly set it up and for your school to get paid.

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Peabody Charter
"ParentSquare is an integral part of my classroom communication because it helps bridge the gap between busy families, and busy teachers! I use it weekly for my Friday Newsletters (which bring families up-to-date on what’s happening in their child’s classroom), event reminders, as well as to request volunteers and materials. I truly enjoy ParentSquare and I have had families saying the same to me. It’s great to have everything in one place and be able to access it from my computer, tablet or phone."
Shannon Beaudette, Teacher, 5th grade

Feature By Feature

Everyday Communication

Web, App, Email, Text, Social

Let parents choose how and when they want to be notified. You just write the message once, on web or app, and it reaches everyone the way they prefer, in the language they want.

Integrated Set Up

ParentSquare sets up all your schools, classrooms and groups such as ELL and FRL in advance so all you and your teachers have to do is start posting.

Easy Posting

We measure our success by how easy it is to send a message - making it just as easy as sending an email. ParentSquare lets you spend your time on content and gets it out in a snap!

News with Two-Way Communication

Enjoy the love from your community with positive comments and appreciations. Take the fear out of two-way communication with full control and flexibility over comments.

Private Messaging and Chat

Chat privately with one, two or many parents at a time as a group or individually with our clever bcc-like or open group messaging.

Photo and File Sharing

Take the fear out of sharing pictures on a public social site. Pictures in ParentSquare are secure, visible only to users within the group you share.

Calendar Events

Administration, teachers and groups can post calendar events that sync with parents calendars. Calendar events allow repeating events, reminders and rsvp capability.


Streamline communication within all the groups and committees you have at your school: afterschool programs, site council, ELL parents, athletic or academic groups, you name it!


Directory can be hidden or visible to parents helping them learn one another’s names and connect. The directory is fully searchable by student or parent name, email, phone.

Language Translation

Reach parents in the language that parents prefer. ParentSquare lets you use instant Google Translation which you can edit or you can manually translate your message.

Fully Searchable Posts

All posts in ParentSquare are automatically indexed so you can search for any term in the entire post. Posts can also be filtered to an individual classroom or group.

Past Years Archives

Every year ParentSquare archives all communication, photos and files for the entire school year. All users have access to these archives so they can view and use old messages.

Interaction & Participation

Volunteer Requests

Parent volunteers are critical to the life of any school. Request and fill one-time or recurring volunteers sign ups. Parents can sign up from their smart phone or desktop.

Wish Lists

Request items you need for any school event, classroom needs, project supplies or class parties. Follow up easily with a thank you note with the click of a button.

Conference Sign Ups

Take the hassle out of scheduling conferences. Just a few clicks to set it all up, and ParentSquare makes sure there are no conflicts and takes care of reminders.


Get a count of adult and kid attendees for any school, class or group event with RSVPs. ParentSquare provides an activity log and sends out reminders.


Get quick input on an idea from parents or other group members. Parents can vote for their favorite option anonymously and you can see the results instantly.

Volunteer Hours

Tired of tracking volunteer hours? Parents can easily enter their volunteer hours on ParentSquare and Adminstrators can print out a report by the month or family.

Automated Notifications

Web, App, Email, Text, Voice Calls

All automated notifications are sent via app notifications, email and text and if text fails, then a voice call. Notices are also viewable on the web portal and app.

Daily and Period-Wise Attendance

ParentSquare sends out daily and period-wise attendance and tardy notifications and can also send multiple attendance messages during the day in user’s language.

Excuse Notes for Verifying Absences

Reduce unexcused absences by providing parents an easy way to respond to notices directly from their phone or from the web. Your attendance clerk will love the daily report!

Lunch Balance Notifications

Reduce your school’s lunch balances with our integrated lunch balance notifications. Parents are notified with their child’s name and amount due when their account is outstanding.

Grade Notifications

ParentSquare integrates with your grade book or accepts csv files to trigger pre-built notifications based on student grades.

Positive Messaging for Grades & Attendance

Improve attendance and grades with automatic monthly positive reinforcement messages when students have been good or are showing improvement.

Reports and Dashboard

Identify at-risk students and intervene early with the information necessary to change downward trend.

Payments & Fundraising

Direct Donation Funddrive

Run your direct giving campaign on ParentSquare with a host of powerful features including online social sharing, pledge now pay later, pre-populated fields for parents and more. *Powered via Paypal

Collect Payments and Fees

Collect payments for meal tickets, PE uniforms, spirit wear, PTA dues and more. Invoice for lost text books, student fees, and also iPad payments with auto payment. *Powered via Stripe

Powerful Report Reconciliation

View, download and, print reports by school, by payment account, by user. Each payment is tagged with the user and students names for easy reconciliation.

Mass Notification With Smart Alerts

Voice calls, Texts, Email, App, Web, Social

Push alert messages and routine reminders to staff and parents by choosing how you would like to notify parents with one or more ways above.

Smart Notifications

Ensure that message is received on staff and parents’ phones as text or as a voice call with our intelligent automatic failover from text to voice feature.

100% Student Reach and Coverage

ParentSquare gives you extensive reports for every communication channel. Reach every single family with reports on contactable vs. non-contactable vs. no contact info for individual students.

Record Voice on Computer, Phone, Text-to-Speech

You don’t need to be specially trained to set up voice calls. It is easy to record on your computer or let ParentSquare call you or simply check a box to use text-to-speech.

Powerful Flexible List Builds

Address the entire district, or a few schools, individual users, or upload a CSV file of student or staff ids, or select student or staff attributes - language, ELL status, home location. Send it your way!

Send Mass Notification via App

Send messages from your computer or directly from your phone app. In emergency, select and send pre-created messages with clicks/ taps only.

Message Library

Set up your message library with pre-created messages that use human translation. These messages can be tagged and organized for proactive emergency readiness.

What does it cost?

Communication is at the core of every school. It’s the thing that connects your entire school and has the biggest impact on your culture and satisfaction.

For decades, school-home communication software has been a race to the bottom with clunky solutions that offer far more frustration than value, can be used by just one person and mostly just sit on the shelf. At ParentSquare, we want to change that by offering a product for everyone at your school that will be used everyday. And provide greater value with a growing lineup of new features, helpful on-boarding, and responsive support.

We would like every school to to be able to invest in their school and culture with ParentSquare, so we keep it very affordable. We are confident ParentSquare will pay for itself with increased volunteering, donated supplies, online payments and fund drives, saved time, reduced paper costs, improved attendance, and lower lunch balances.

Talk to us about starting a free trial or simply sign up for a demo to see why schools and districts are switching to ParentSquare.